Jessica Bjoeredahl

Senior UX Writer/Strategist


Jessica Bjoeredahl has been in UX for over 5 years, working with major players in finance, cybersecurity, insurance, and, currently, digital adoption. Though her primary role has always been UX writing, accessibility and inclusivity has always been a heavy influence and passion in her work as she strives to write for everyone to feel included. Now, she is writing guidelines for Whatfix’s design system, Navi, including guidelines for accessibility and inclusivity, which have drastically improved (and will continue to improve) Whatfix’s appeal to diverse audiences.

UX for the World: Considerations for internationalization, localization, and a multinational market

The world has been shrinking for the last few decades, and tech companies are now operating on a global scale. We live in a world of over 8 billion people, 7,000 languages, and thousands of cultures. As a result, UXers need to work for all users, not just the users in our home country or the country we live in. We have to go beyond our own lived experiences and dive into understanding (to whatever degree we can) others’ lived experiences to approach our UX work with a blend of confidence and sensitivity while also keeping translation and cultural differences in mind at the same time. It’s no easy feat.

To really make a product global, we need to internationalize and localize it. You might think that’s solely the translator’s job, but to really make a product for everyone in the multinational market, UX writers, designers, and developers should get involved to. In this talk, Jessica Bjoeredahl, Senior UX Writer at Whatfix, will discuss what she’s learned in her company’s internationalization efforts and how all members of a team can help with these efforts.


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