How to submit

your designs

Don't forget to submit your designs before Sep 15, 2023!

Whether you’re joining this year’s Design Matters physically, online, or not at all, and you’re simply looking for your next design challenge, everyone is welcome to take part in designing our name tag! To do so, follow these steps:


Step 01

Download the blank name tag template here. The template should ideally be opened and edited in Adobe Illustrator.


Step 02

Create your design in your preferred software. You are free to make and submit more than one design, however, we will only select the best designs. Add your design to the template in the designated area marked ‘Replace with your design’ (layer ‘Your design here’).

Please note that, if selected, we may use your design for either attendee, speaker or volunteer name tag. They differ slightly in design (different colors of the name/company background). By switching the visibility of the layers (‘Attendee/Speaker/Volunteer’) on/off, you can try and see how your design would look for all three types of name tags.


Step 03

Pack your files (a template with your added design and the design alone) into one .zip. Please note that the template file should remain editable!


Step 04

Send the .zip via email to the following address:

Subject: Name Tag Design Challenge
Deadline: September 15, 2023

Please don’t forget to include the following information: your full name, a link to your portfolio website or/and your social media handles


What happens next?

From here on, we will curate the submissions to get the most diverse set of name tags possible.

We hope you will give it your all, whether you have 20 minutes or 20 hours. Submissions from all levels are welcome!

Any questions? Direct them to the following address:

Happy designing!

Thanks to Natasha Santana, Mikkel Weikop, Mathilde Bjørnlund Schoubye, Marie Tange, Maja Birch Rasmussen, Jan Aas Sørensen, Niels Thejls, who have worked on the creation of this project.


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