Mick Champayne & Casey Hudetz

Senior Visual Designer | Senior Product Design Manager

Google | DocuSign

Mick Champayne is a Chicago-based designer by day and an illustrator by night. In a nutshell, she loves internet culture, navel-gazing about the future, and imagining how designers can support people’s values and intentions. Currently a senior visual designer at Google, she likes to create solutions that have beauty AND brains: making things look beautiful with smart strategy and a thoughtful user experience. From light-hearted memes to serious social commentary, she’s happiest when her work can spark a conversation.

Casey Hudetz is a designer, speaker, teacher and award-winning filmmaker living in Chicago. Since receiving his master's degree in Human-Computer Interaction he has been designing digital products and services with a focus on emerging technologies (such as AI, AR, and Voice). Over the last decade he has given talks around the world about artificial intelligence, speculative design, art history and more. He currently leads the AI and design team for DocuSign. In his spare time you can find him biking around the city with his wife and two sons.

Text-to-________. What Generative AI Means for Designers

With the proliferation of new generative AI tools such as GPT-3, Midjourney and DALL-E, the design community is faced with a host of new opportunities, risks and questions. How might UX designers improve their workflow with AI augmentation? Who gets credit for illustrations that are created in an instant from a few lines of text? What does it mean for content strategists if AI can write all of the copy? If anyone can create what they want from a simple text prompt, what is the role of a designer generally?

Join Mick Champayne and Casey Hudetz as they explore how we can use the power of this new technology to improve design processes, generate new ideas and build inclusive digital experiences for all.


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