Adilice Sanches

Staff Product Researcher


With a background in architecture, research and digital products, Adilice is a customer advocate on a mission to help companies develop meaningful solutions through insights-driven strategies. You can currently find her at Pleo - a Danish fintech unicorn - working within the product organisation to grow their understanding of customers’ needs and help them identify new business opportunities. Her previous experience includes consultant and product owner roles, but they can still be summarised as customer-centric product development. An unconventional career path that has led her to leverage experimentation in everything she does while keeping people and context at heart.

Redefining human roles in an AI future

2023 started full of uncertainty, but what no one could predict was how AI would be the topic taking the year by storm. Individuals, companies, and institutions are exploring applications for this new technology in a race that could be compared to the gold rush era.
The intensity and urgency of these pursuits are now raising questions regarding how we can leverage AI and the implications of its use. Since image processing Open AI has been one of the most widespread examples, designers and researchers are left with a wicked problem – What will be the future of my role in an AI world?

In this workshop, we’ll examine historical examples, discuss potential scenarios and ideate on how society, ethics and technology could carve brand-new paths for human-centric professionals.


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