Jan Toman

Director of Design


Jan Toman is the Director of Design at Supernova.io, a tool for documenting, managing, and automating design systems. He has a successful track record of creating and managing design systems teams. He established the design systems teams at Kiwi.com and Productboard, and provided design systems consulting to numerous other companies. Jan has a diverse background in digital, starting as an engineer and then moving into product management before finally settling in design and design systems for the last eight years. Jan believes that by incorporating product management techniques into design systems, we can greatly enhance their effectiveness and ensure they deliver real results

Setting up a Design System for Success and Scale

Design systems are a vital long-term investment in design and engineering resources. In the fluctuating landscapes of today’s markets, the need to build a design system that quickly provides value to the company while minimizing the risk of failure is more critical than ever.

In the workshop “Setting up a Design System for Success and Scale,” you will explore how to identify the optimal initial challenges for a design system to tackle, formulate effective planning strategies for the design system, and communicate persuasively with key stakeholders to gain strong support for the design systems work.

Additionally, you will delve into the importance of tracking design system health metrics. Tracking these metrics over time not only establishes a solid foundation for the design system but also fosters its growth, empowering it to thrive and adapt with strength.


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