Ayla Newhouse

Experience Director

Nordea Bank

Ayla Newhouse is a Design Director at Nordea Bank in Copenhagen. Previously, she led a team to scale the world’s first free Money Coaching service offered by a financial institution, and alongside a team of ex-US Digital Service leadership, helped define what became the most widely adopted political app in history. Her favourite talks include “Design as Service” at SXSW, which explored translating design tools to customer-facing experiences, and “Designers as Therapists” at Adaptive Path’s UX Week in San Francisco. Her talk on Dating by Design (also a book) was one of the top 20 Pecha Kucha’s of the year, worldwide.

Alignment vs Allowable chaos

Is alignment in design even possible in today’s complex digital landscape? Where are the edges, and how should we think about aligning our work, both at the pixels, and holistically across an org? Where should we care about alignment and what can we reframe as “allowable chaos”? This talk is a equal parts a salve for those of us who feel like alignment may never come, and a pragmatic guide to how we might improve, no matter what chair we sit in.


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