John Teo

Design Lead


John has held roles as a product designer, an interaction designer, a service designer, a UX designer (he finds the array of titles amusing). Fundamentally, he's a designer at heart. His career has spanned diverse sectors, from banking to energy to the public sector. Currently a design lead at adidas, he leads different initiatives on the Confirmed app, the home of adidas' most exclusive offerings. When he's not moving pixels, you'll likely catch him experimenting with new tools or indulging in some doodling.

The Story of No: Turning Rejections into Innovations

In every design journey, the word ‘No’ surfaces as a barrier – a restriction on our creative flow. But what if these limitations held the key to innovation? Through the story of the Priority Access feature, we’ll explore the moments when embracing these challenges and constraints can lead to creative solutions. Join John as he gives an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at how the team turned a familiar territory of ‘No’ into a ‘Yes’. It’s an opportunity to gain Priority Access (pun intended) on how the team transformed constraints into innovative breakthroughs.


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