Lena Hammes

Head of Product Design


Lena has been part of the founding team of the now called Accenture Song office in Copenhagen (previous Fjord). She has brought service design thinking and high quality craft to global leading companies and worked on cross-industry design projects for Accenture Song offices in Copenhagen, New York and Madrid. After her time in consultancy she moved into product at Spotify. She led design on the artist and creator side and was lastly heading the design team that launched Spotify's audiobook offering. Recently Lena joined Storytel as their Head of Product Design.

Don’t like the voice? Switch it! Behind the scenes designing an ai alternative to the human voice

We believe that there is no more powerful thing in the world than a good story well told. We allow listeners to fiddle with the volume, adjusting the speed and now switching the voice. AI voices and human voices.

At Storytel we knew for a long time that one of the most important criteria for choosing an audiobook is the voice of the narrator. People have varying degrees of sensitivity to voices and preferences vary greatly from person to person. Now that the quality of AI generated voices has gotten to the point where it is almost impossible to differentiate between human or machine, we decided to give users the choice.

Designing for AI enabled functionality comes with a set of challenges. A short story about designing avatars, swiping voices and solving a real user need. Or did we just think so?


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