Emmi Salonen

Founder, Designer & Author

Studio Emmi

Emmi set up Studio Emmi in 2005 to partner with clients and creatives who want to make a positive contribution to society and the planet. She is a Designer, published Author and a certified Happiness Facilitator. Emmi regularly gives talks about Creative Ecosystem, a model she has created guiding creatives in their wellbeing and careers.

Born in Finland, Emmi studied graphic design in the UK at the University of Brighton. In 2001 she moved to northern Italy to work at Fabrica, Benetton Group’s prestigious communication research studio for young designers. She then worked at Karlssonwilker in New York, and Futerra sustainability agency as their UK Creative Director. She is an author of the book Common Interest: Documents, and the Domestika course: Sustainable Visual Identities: Create Positive Impact.

Creative Ecosystem Workshop

In this Creative Ecosystem workshop, Emmi Salonen (Studio Emmi) will bring you on a journey to uncover processes, practices and rituals that help fuel your inspiration across all areas of life. We’ll do this through prompts, reflection, exercises and discussion within the group.

Work is often so focused on output that when people aren’t intentional about input as well, it can lead to burnout and a lack of creative energy. Inspired by the Finnish ecosystems Emmi grew up in, she saw the opportunity to help others reconnect with their creativity, purpose and excitement for their work. Ecosystems are all interconnected and interdependent, seamlessly flowing together. Similarly, creativity cannot happen in isolation. The Creative Ecosystem model is based on balancing your creative output with nurturing input areas to sustain your creative wellbeing. “My intention is for this to be a nourishing and inspiring experience for you, and I hope you can take this as ‘time for you’.” – Emmi


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