Go GreenKayaking in the Harbour

Sep 26

GreenKayak is an environmental NGO that engages people in the fight against ocean pollution. Everyone is invited to paddle our kayaks around the world for free under two simple conditions - spend your time in a GreenKayak collecting trash and share the experience on social media #GreenKayak.

Go GreenKayaking in the Harbour

Meet other participants while the GreenKayak staff guide you on a 2 hours tour through Copenhagen’s canals. While doing something good and exploring the city from a different perspective, you will learn about GreenKayak’s work and how it all started. After filling our trash buckets with as much trash as possible, we will weigh our catch and register how much trash has been collected!

Location: Arsenalvej 10, Copenhagen K
Time: 15:30-17:30


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