Ida Håkonsson & Rebekka Valdmanis Mørken

Senior Digital Product Designer | Senior UX Designer


Ida and Rebekka are both designers at NRK (The Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation). They’ve worked together for seven years, on products ranging from news to streaming services, for both adults and children. The past five years they’ve worked on NRK Super, which is is an award-winning app and one of the most popular streaming services for children in Norway. Drawing from their extensive experience in designing for children, they're advocates for taking inspiration from the fun and delight in children’s products also when designing products for adults.

Fun and delight as ingredients in design: What we learned from designing for children

Designing for children challenges us think unconventionally. Ida, Rebekka and their team created a truly unique log in experience for children by using elements of gamification, nudging and storytelling, and adding lots of fun throughout. What could have been a dull flow of difficult information ended up as an exciting story, free from text and complex vocabulary.

In a world where so many digital products follow the same patterns and conventions, this talk will inspire you to think unconventionally and creatively about even the most mundane parts of your product, regardless of who you’re designing for.


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