Enrico Furfaro

Senior Product Designer


Enrico is a Designer with focus on Interaction Design, User Research and Strategy. With over 8 years of experience in designing digital products, Enrico had the pleasure of working in agencies, startups and in-house and collaborating with brands such as Apple, komoot, Sony and Yamaha. Currently at komoot, Enrico juggles designing for Growth with leadership responsibilities. During his time here, his projects massively impacted engagement and retention, he led the fastest hiring campaign for a Designer at komoot and introduced new working agreements that significantly improved the Design Team’s well-being. Additionally, Enrico elevated Product Development best practices by evangelising Design Thinking techniques and moderating several workshops across multiple teams. From ever passionate about the effect of technology on human behaviour, during his academic years Enrico built prototypes to investigate the effects of sound augmented interactions on people’s perception of their own body. His work has been shortlisted for awards, published in academic journals and presented in conferences around Europe.

Why antagonize the Business? Leverage your Design skillset to bridge the Value Perception Gap

In the tech field, there is often a disconnection between the value that we can provide as Designers and the perception of that same value. It’s a fact. So, what can we, as Individual Contributors, do about it? Can we affect change in a practical way by leveraging our strategic skillset?
Consider this talk in between a manual and a reality check. Enrico will share the story of how Workshops, UX research and Branding can make your life as a Designer easier while moving the needle toward user centricity and innovation in your company.


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