Mercedes Lorenzo & Andrés Clúa

Creative Director | Director of Technology


Terra’s top creative mind for all website and digital experience projects, Mercedes has eight-plus years of web design experience and has led a variety of projects for the United Nations, Stifel Financial Corp., and other Fortune 1000 organizations. Andres is an award-winning designer and developer who manages the Thunderfoot web team. He has developed custom, multi-language web properties for, among others, the United Nations, Coca-Cola, Lego, Sears, Coors Light, Gillette, Doritos, HP, Lipton, Diageo, and Salus.

Creativity and Process: A Love Story

In this talk, Mercedes and Andres will explore how a radical change to their design and web development methodology has allowed their teams to tackle projects of increasing scale and complexity. By introducing a design system and global components, you too can save time and avoid repetition while exploring new and exciting strategies.


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