Jess Goldsmith

Lettering artist & illustrator

Women of Type

Jess is an award-winning creative in Brooklyn, New York. She is an illustration enthusiast and lover of all things lettering. She is also the owner, curator, and author of Women of Type. Women of Type is a platform of over 105,000 people that exists to amplify the voices and creativity of women and nonbinary artists in the typography and lettering industry across the globe. The book showcases over 130 artists from 20+ countries and spanning 5 continents.

Unleash your playfulness

Make sure you bring sketching/drawing materials of your preference and/or crafting, collaging or other creative materials before this session!

With Jess you will go through 5 exercises in nurturing your creative inner child including:
•Checking off your childhood to-do list
•Crafting your playful adulthood to-do list
•Doodle journaling/Artistic playtime
•Replacing your insecurities with self-encouragement
•Letters to your past and future self

The session will end with a shared finding discussion and Q&A


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