Michael Feeney

Principal Product Designer and Art Director


Michael Feeney is a Principal Product Designer and Art Director for Product Design who has been working at Zalando’s in-house incubator team The Studio for the past 6 years. He has 12 years experience in the conception of digital products and experiences, working in advertising, marketing and product design throughout the years. His main focus doesn’t lie solely in crafting digital experiences through visual design, but rather designing experiences with emotions and intent in mind.

(Re)introducing feel-good emotions into digital products

Digital and product design focus heavily on providing the best experience possible for a wide range of users. And whilst this standardisation of design methods has improved digital products considerably, one key aspect is sometimes forgotten along the way: How can we (re)introduce moments that provide positive emotions to people interacting with digital products?

In this short-but-expansive workshop, we will be looking into different ways to make any digital experience more exciting, memorable and fun for all. We will be looking into bringing delightful visual additions, motion mechanisms, brainstorming methods that are meant to elevate your digital experiences and make them feel more alive and vibrant; narrowing the gap between real-life and digital experiences.


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