Kei Arima


GEMINI Laboratory

Born in Aichi, Kei has lived in several places in Japan. He majored in art & visual communication at a university in the U.S. and architecture in Japan. After working for an architectural design firm, he joined TOPPAN INC as a spatial designer. While involved in interior & product design, and marketing, he developed a spatial simulator utilizing UnrealEngine. He established GEMINI Laboratory in 2021. This project aims to create a new business and community related to Mirrorworlds. They focus on merging the physical and digital worlds by providing a hub space containing material and spatial data with creators and engineers.

Also, he has a strong interest in space industries. In the past, he participated in HAKUTO, the first private-sector lunar exploration project, as a pro bono. He is currently a member of SPACETIDE Foundation, which supports accelerating space business & its industries.


In this workshop you are invited on a innovative exploration at the intersection of generative AI, augmented reality, and sustainable design. In this cutting-edge workshop, you will create unique, intricate digital material textures by using creative tools like generative AI and superimpose these designs onto any surface using augmented reality (AR).

By taking advantage of the infinite resources of the digital world, GEMINI Laboratory empowers creators to reimagine, redesign, and revitalize the environment without increasing our ecological footprint.


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