Mapping Copenhagen Soundscapes

Sep 26

The Royal Library Garden • By Federico Di Fresco

Federico is a service designer with 10+ years of experience as a design strategist, user researcher, and user experience designer. As part of his MSc in Service Systems Design thesis from Aalborg University and in collaboration with Gehl Architects’ R&D team he explored and adapted service design tools and methods to facilitate soundscape thinking for city makers in order to build healthier sound environments for people in cities. Now, this work has been published in a scientific article. Currently, he works as Senior Service Designer for the WSAudiology R&D department.

He also designed a toolkit that facilitates a shared vocabulary to research, map and sketch the experiential opportunities of the sound environment of a place from a people-first perspective. Federico has designed, recorded, and edited sound in more than 10 documentaries, feature, and short films that have been awarded or participated at international film festivals such as Berlinale, Cannes, Venice, Mar del Plata, San Sebastian, La Habana and BAFICI amongst others.

Mapping Copenhagen Soundscapes

Discover Copenhagen with your ears, the role of the sound environment in how you experience different places and how sound impacts the way we engage with our cities, communities, and people.

Let’s do it while you take part in 3 soundscape mapping activities that will help you to understand the sound environment of places, learn new soundscape vocabulary to explain how you experience the sound environment of a place and gain a new understanding of sound in our cities and communities

This activity is designed to inspire you and offer you a different way to experience Copenhagen while learning a soundscape thinking methodology and vocabulary you could later on try out in your design process. It has been inspired by the interest and learnings from participants of activities associated with Federico’s research about Soundscapes in Service Design as a way to further explore the topic and keep sharing his learnings since 2021.

Location: The Royal Library Garden
Time: 16:00-18:00


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