Marina Nakagawa

Motion designer, 3D artist

Marina is a freelance motion designer, director, animator based in London, from Japan. She loves cute characters, fun animation and just love rendering the cute things in her brain. She also loves cooking, baking, eating, watching movies, coffee, all fluffy animals and not so fluffy animals. After She moved to London, She has worked at 2 studios and started her journey as a freelance in 2019. Since then, she has worked on amazing projects from making music videos for musicians, creating social content, website animations, stickers for big game titles and TV ads…just to name a few.

Journey to discovering your unique design style

Do designers need their own art style? It’s a question that often arises in creative circles. Marina Nakagawa, a freelance motion designer and 3D artist, believes that every designer possesses a distinct art style waiting to be uncovered, regardless of their background or field of work. Join Marina as she explores the concept of art style and how discovering your own can bring excitement and joy to your designs.

In this presentation, Marina will share her personal journey of finding her passion for creating captivating character animations through personal projects. She’ll reveal how uncovering and nurturing her unique art style had a positive impact on her career. Drawing from her own experiences, Marina will provide practical insights into her crafting process and offers tips to help you find your own artistic voice.

Finding your own style is an ongoing journey, and Marina understands that everyone’s path is unique. By sharing her experiences and expertise, she will inspire and empower you to embark on your own exploration of artistic self-discovery. Discover the rewards of embracing your individuality as a designer and uncovering the style that sets you apart.


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