Rasmus Sanko

Chief Strategy Officer

Charlie Tango

Throughout the past 25 years, Rasmus Sanko, Chief Strategy Officer at Charlie Tango, has worked with user centric design, developing cutting edge digital solutions for both the Danish public and private sectors, addressing areas such as healthcare, banking, real estate, and aviation.

Unlocking Accessibility

Have you ever taken a moment to think about how different individuals might use your designs? What if you are leaving some of them standing alone in the corner… left out, unintentionally?

Inclusive and accessible digital design is not only a necessity for some, but a benefit for all. At Charlie Tango they carry this awareness with us every day. As designers, developers, and strategic leaders, it’s our responsibility to create solutions that cater to a diverse range of people, each with their own unique backgrounds and varying needs.

But how can we ensure that our solutions align with the needs of all users? Right from the initial stages of concept and design to the phases of development and technical implementation? Is investing in accessibility truly worth it? Yes, it-is! Accessible design is not only more inclusive but also leads to better user experience and higher satisfaction among all your users.


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