Or Yogev

Senior Illustrator


Or Yogev is a senior illustrator at Wix based in Tel Aviv and a graduate of the Bezalel Academy. Other than developing the company’s illustration language his diverse work includes murals, icons, video commercials and visual assets. Or’s personal artworks in 2D and 3D are an expression of his ideas around immersing social and cultural challenges. His passion for history, music and art is significantly reflected in his works. His illustrations for a children’s book gained a gold medal in the International Illustration Awards by 3x3 magazine.

Glocal Story - A Personal Story Becomes Collective

In his lecture Or shares his artistic journey, inspired and fueled by his family’s roots. His diverse work reveals a passion for the female form, reflecting its evolving social perceptions during the past decades. Through his own figures he expresses himself on global social issues, emphasizing the responsibility illustrators carry with every creative choice they make and the power they hold in shaping the collective narrative.


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