Søren Clausen

Product Design Lead


Søren is a seasoned Product Designer with more than a decade of product design experience. He has worked for agencies, startups and large corporations, within banking, insurance, social, music, automotive and government. Currently leading product design at Podimo, Søren specialises in creating beautiful and engaging audio experiences across multiple platforms. His passion for great products and curiosity about design implementation have strengthened his collaboration with engineering teams, pushing the limits of what is expected from a product designer. This passion has also led to his own endeavours in software development, building both design tools and several native apps.

Meet code- Enabling a new generation of designers

Design tools have long played a vital role in visualising the experience we wish to create, but are they truly empowering us to create the best experiences? Our tools greatly influence the products we build. They not only influence what we can create, but also how we create and collaborate with our team.

Søren will discuss how design tools today are limiting our abilities to create the best experiences. How they are forcing us to play pretend, to simulate technology and create mock-experiences. How they require us to mimic real life in order to explore our options, perform user tests, and how they are diluting the outcome of design down to visuals and implementation specs.

Imagine a world where design isn’t only a simulation. Imagine directly manipulating the user experience. Using real technology, real data, real devices, real device limitations, real shippable results directly from your hands. This reality is not far away and Søren will show you how all this could be now.


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