Patrycja Radaczyńska

Principal Design System Engineer


Based in Berlin, but originally from Poland, Patrycja Radaczyńska is a front-end engineer, passionate about building design systems. Currently building one at Babbel, previously at Contentful and Brainly. On a daily basis she is trying to bridge the gap between design and engineering. Tools, process, communication, documentation, listening users and finding solutions is what she focuses on. As a musician who started her career in tech pretty late in her life, she is trying to give back something to the community and share her experience by mentoring others. In love with technology that makes life easier, art, books and music. Enthusiast of road-trips with her little van.

The journey of bridging the gap between design and engineering

Design tokens are core pieces of a design system. Stored in a technology agnostic format they can be transformed to be used on any platform. Design tokens are small, design decisions and now those decisions are made by designers, where they belong. We can propagate those decisions to engineers, so same source can be used in code. This way we are able to build one source of truth for both designers and engineers in the organizations. In a way, this enables people to speak the same language and understand each other better. This is a huge role of the design system and bridging this gap a big part of the work that we are doing in design system teams on a daily basis.

Patrycja will share her experience in building connections between design and engineering while introducing design tokens at Babbel. A history behind current structure of tokens including a quick look into the legacy that they had to take into consideration. How they build our pipeline to be able to deliver tokens to different platforms. What they’ve learnt on the way and how it brought them closer together.


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