Ade-Lee Adebiyi

Head of Design


Ade-Lee is the Head of Design at SoPost and runs a design consultancy as a side hustle. As well as this, he's the founder of make it pop. make it pop's primary objective is to make you a better communicator, brainstormer and innovator using ‘Design Thinking and understanding how to better harness your creativity. During his 10+ year career, he has worked with global brands such as MAC, TEDx, Yves Saint Laurent and the Wu-Tang Clan. He's also author of the book Design Thinking Manga.

Embrace Your Creative Badassery: Defeating Doubts and Fueling Fun in Design

Everyone carries a spark of creativity, a hidden creative badass within. In this light-hearted, energetic talk, Ade-Lee will journey with you to rediscover and reignite that spark.

Stifled by perfectionism or grappling with imposter syndrome? Join the club. You’ll dive into these common creative hurdles and explore strategies to overcome them. You’ll learn how to transform self-doubts into positive affirmations and fears into opportunities for growth.

You’ll break the ice and share your insecurities in this time together. This isn’t just a talk; it’s a shared experience where you’ll realise you’re not alone in your creative journey. You’ll laugh, learn, and maybe even high-five yourself for your achievements, big or small.

Ade-Lee will tackle failure head-on, reframing it as a stepping stone rather than a roadblock. You’ll practice self-compassion because being kind to yourself is a big part of staying resilient and keeping your creative spirit alive.So, this talk is for you whether you’re an old hand at design, just starting, or simply curious.

Let’s bring back the fun in design, foster our creative selves, and embrace our creative badassery!


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