Rahul Lindberg Sen

Head of Mobile UX

Volvo Cars

Rahul is Head of UX at Volvo Cars. Together with his team, he focuses on future innovation, thinking outside the box to invent desirable products that don’t exist yet. Previously, he worked as a Design Manager at Spotify.

Why So Serious?

Designers possess superpowers that are meant to be a force for good and positivity in the world. They are blessed with processes, tools, empathy and an eye for simplifying the complex. When designers activate their superpowers, they are meant to make magic in the world. That said, the superpowers equally have the potential to become a ‘kryptonite’ – a weakness. A curse. Over-designing and ‘solutionism’ in a results driven, material age have wrought havoc on society, on the planet as a whole.

This talk will address some of these challenges and observations of being ‘super’ and debunk some myths about being superhuman.


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